Profile - Kalia Georgiou

Kalia Georgiou has obtained her Law Degree from Athens University in 1991 and her LLM (Master of Laws) from Bristol University in 1992.

Her LLM covered, among others, Company Law and EC Law (Competition Law and Free Movement).

She was admitted in the Cyprus Bar in 1993 and today is a lawyer with experience in the areas of Litigation (Contract Law cases, Tort - mainly Libel and Slander), Corporate law, Family law, Wills & Succession law.

She has authored articles on different topics –including a series for a daily national newspaper about the Stock Exchange Law in Cyprus, and a series about issues connected to Internet, such as e-commerce, libel, electronic payment, Intellectual Property rights.

From her own practice, she specialises in Internet Law, Information Technology Law, Intellectual Property, Corporate, and Media matters. Since 2000, having been the lawyer of two daily national newspapers, she has had the chance to deal with many media cases and to handle a substantial number of libel actions both in District Courts and the Supreme Court. As a lawyer with specialization in this area of law, she has participated in relative conferences and her clientelle includes both individuals and legal entities.

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