The Firm

Kalia Georgiou LLC law firm is a Cyprus - based boutique law office, focused on private clients related issues and Media sector.

Our clients come from a broad spectrum of Cypriots, non Cypriots, non Cypriots residing in Cyprus, individuals, professionals, small family enterprises and companies.

The firm has an extensive experience in handling media and press related cases, however this is not the only thing we do.

As of January 2013 we are proud to be a member of International Jurists, an international network of independent lawyers. As such we are able to provide legal advice and support in a large number of areas, through our partners offices in most areas οf Europe, Asia, South America, the United States.

We enjoy a culture of long standing relationships based on the tailor made solutions and the personal quality services we provide.

About Kalia

Kalia Georgiou has obtained her Law Degree from Athens University in 1991 and her LLM(Master of Laws) from Bristol University in 1992.

She was admitted to the Cyprus Bar in 1993 and today is a lawyer with experience in the areas of Litigation, Tort-mainly libel and slander, Contract Law, Corporate Law, Family Law, Wills and Succession Law.

Since 2000, having represented two daily national newspapers, she has had the chance to deal with media cases and to handle a substantial number of libel actions both in District Courts and the Supreme Court. As a lawyer with specialization in this area of law, she has participated in relative conferences and her clientele includes both individuals and legal entities.