Media - Defamation Law - Privacy

We have extensive experience in defamation cases, including the handling of libel cases on behalf of national newspapers in actions brought by high profile individuals, such as politicians and high ranking government officers and we have been involved in some of the landmark cases of recent case law in Cyprus.

We have defended stations before the relevant regulatory bodies.

We act for a range of individuals (both in and out of the public spotlight) and companies, in the world of media, business, politics, entertainment, science.

We can offer:

  • Counselling to media clients in matters of defamation, privacy, data protection, IP rights, republication of stories, publications on line, prepublication review of stories/information.
  • Prepublication content clearance
  • Advice on privacy and data breaches
  • Advise media clients on regulatory issues, involving the interpretation and application of radio and television and the GDPR legislation
  • Responding to threats to publish inaccurate or damaging allegations or private and confidential information
  • Obtaining apologies, corrections and damages awards in relation to the publication of unlawful material
  • Protecting personal information
  • Obtaining emergency injunctions
  • Bringing defamation or privacy claims through the courts or the regulatory bodies
  • Defending media in libel and privacy actions
  • Representing clients before regulatory bodies
  • Filing court cases against decisions of regulatory bodies