Intellectual Property

We can advise you on a full range of IP issues, including transactions and dispute resolution.

We can help you with the registration and protection of trademarks, protection of copyright, software and data protection issues related to the internet.

We can advise you on infringement and validity of IP rights.

We can offer :

  • Advice, registration and Protection of trademarks and designs, patent, know –how, confidential information and related rights.
  • Advice on protection of copyright
  • Advice on software and data protection
  • Infringement litigation
  • Advice on issues related to the internet
  • Advice on the current state of IP law
  • Identifying and Managing clients Intellectual Property matters.
  • Counselling clients in the development and implementation of business and legal strategies for obtaining and protecting patents, copyrights and other intellectual property rights.
  • Working with clients to develop business and legal strategies for intellectual property.
  • Conducting non-infringement and invalidity analysis on behalf of our clients.
  • Assisting clients with import, export and other matters relating to products and technology in foreign commerce.
  • Negotiating, preparing, administering and enforcing IP agreements and transfers.
  • Rendering opinions regarding infringement and validity of IP rights.